Workout and get health for NO ONE BUT YOURSELF

We tend to always want to make others happy and impressed, but this way of thinking and living is not HEALTH and besides at the end of the day, its YOUR life and YOUR body, so you get to do what you want.

I use to have the mind set to start living a healthier lifestyle to impress others and to make them happy. This is just not realistic and does not last. Its so important to make sure you are wanting to change your lifestyle and become healthier for YOURSELF and NO ONE ELSE. It is not an easy task but no means and to be completely honest in todays generation, with social media, it makes it even more difficult and hard on trying to “look” and feel confident and so called “healthy or fit”.


Having or starting to life a “health lifestyle” is a lot of work, not only is it physically draining, if you’re someone who is starting to workout, and is new to the whole, workout world. It can be mentally draining as well. Especially, if you don’t have supportive people around you, to motivate and help you. Its also so important to be able to have someone that you can trust just to talk to and have a open ear.

Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t just about trying to get the “perfect body”, cause realistically at the end of the day who has the “perfect Body”, everyone has flawless and things they don’t like about themselves and their bodies. No one has the perfect photoshopped life nor body and its not an unrealistic standard our generation and society has implanted on to us.


So what i’m trying to say, is to live your life for no one but yourself. If you want to start working out to become healthier than DO IT. If you want to start eating Healthier than start taking those steps to feed your body healthy foods. Everyone has a different standard to what healthy eating is, so its up to you to decide what types of food are healthiest and best for your body!

At the end of the day, you have to do what is best for yourself and YOUR BODY, as we only have one body and cant take back time and change what we shouldn’t have done to our bodies. So START TODAY, and start making healthier decisions for your well being and health!

I hope this post inspired you in some way!  Let me know if you want me to start creating posts about my “healthier lifestyle” and such! Thanks for all the support as always lovelies!!



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