V Shred Clothing Review

With 2021 being a lot like 2020 with constant lockdowns and stay at home orders, who is even wearing regular clothes anymore? Sweats and leggings are constantly getting worn and I’m not mad about it. Of course I can’t wait for the day to get all dressed up again, as hopefully that will come one day soon!

Anyways let’s talk about a pair of leggings and jacket I’ve been loving!

V Shred recently launched a new, premium line of activewear encompasses Seamless Flex Legging, Weightless Jacket, and Seamless Flex Sports Bra. Coming in multiple different colors and size range from XS to XL.

The Seamless Flex Leggings by V Shred is also perfect for running errands. These leggings keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish no matter the occasion. These leggings have a slimming fit with being high-waisted. They also have some curving around the hips to make you look extra slim and also providing support.

The leggings come in some fun colours which I wish I chose looking back cause since I got my Golden Retriever puppy all my black clothing is not looking all black anymore! Now I will constantly be wearing golden glitter!

I’ve also been loving Weightless Jacket as it’s light weight but also keeps you warm on these chilly days we’ve been having. The sweater has a slimming structure cut which is perfect for if you wear it casually or actually wear it to the gym. The flexible fabric also provides a light compression which helps with workouts keeping you dry and also making you look fabulous!

*These items were gifted from V Shred, however all opinions are my own. *

Hope you lovelies enjoyed! Let me know what leggings are your must haves!



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