Beauty Edition- Things to do during Quarantine

Hey lovelies, lets talk about some beauty things we can all do as lockdown still proceeds.

As the reality of lockdown being here for quite some time still. The boredom levels only rise. Its been a very difficult and long year for everyone. Now that winter has fully set in theres a whole other level of hard times we are faced with. If you already arent a fan of winter, this is a hard time but theres many things to do to keep busy until we can all go back to “normal” life.

Every cosmetic product features a little jar symbol, accompanied by a number, somewhere on the packaging; this is known as the Period After Opening (or PAO) number and is essentially the expiry date of what’s inside. Beauty products don’t last forever, so it’s important that we regularly sort through what we have in our stash and throw out anything that’s beyond safe to use – products can range from 3 to 24 months, so you may be surprised how much you should be getting rid of! There’s no point in storing expired, potentially harmful and unloved pieces, so why not make this the start of somethng and commit to sorting through your stash every season?

We spend so much time drying, straightening, tonging and curling that our hair can become all kinds of stressed out. Not only is it a great idea to treat it to a regular hydrating and smoothing mask to inject back what it’s lost, but these ‘at home’ weeks provide a great opportunity to reign in the heated appliances and embrace a little more of the dry shampoo. Try extending the life of each wash by a day or two by embracing tied back looks, removing the need for over-styling every day, or even investing in a silk hair wrap and embracing all the amazing benefits they bring.

Something that often gets so overlooked but can make the biggest difference, cleaning your brushes is a laborious task – but it’s got to be done. Even though we should all be cleaning our brushes regularly, it’s easy for months on end to slip by and for our tools to be saturated with makeup, dirt and bacteria; this just gets transferred onto your face with every application, causing breakouts and irritation while preventing your products from performing at their best. Giving your entire collection a deep clean will not only remind you of all the great things you have, but ensures that (when you use them) your products perform at their most optimum. Read my full post on why and how you should clean your brushes here.

Sorting out your stash offers more than one benefit: rediscovering those lipsticks you’d forgotten about, finding your favourite concealer lingering at the bottom of a makeup bag or even fishing out those gadgets you never had time for – until now. Use everything, have fun and make the most of the time you have to pamper yourself.

You could be forgiven for thinking face masks are a superficial and excessive step in your regime – and they’re often the first to go when we’re short on time or funds. But if you use them wisely they really can help to boost your skin in ways you didn’t know was possible, unlocking a smoother, brighter, firmer and more hydrated surface that ensures both skincare and makeup performs at its most optimum. Taking a little time once or twice a week, especially while we have the time to do so, to apply a mask can be hugely beneficial. If you need a little inspo, here are some of my current favourite face masks.

You may not be able to get to a salon right now, but giving your hands and feet a weekly pamper will help to prep and polish them for when you can. Soaking them in warm water with a little body oil will help to soften skin, nourish dry bits and help to evoke a moment of calm; a little exfoliator also goes a long way, as does a generous amount of cream and a 4-way nail file.


Closet purging and decluttering can be a life long battle. We all have items in our closet that we no longer wear or like. So what I like to do every couple of months is take everything out of my closet and make three piles. A keep pile, donate and get rid of. I first start organizing the items I know I wear and than all the items I haven’t wore in a long time, I than decide if I should donate. Than anything that is ruined or cant be donated, I than get rid of those items as well. This is a process however, it feels so much better once your closet and space is freshly clean and reorganized.

I hope some of these tips and things I have done during this recent lockdown, gives you some kind of motivation or something to do! Remember we will get through this difficult time, but most importantly stay safe, MASK UP, STAY HOME AND SOCIAL DISTANCE!



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