Puppy Tips- I’ve learned recently…

Over the last few months of having a puppy these are some of the tips and things I’ve learned since having my puppy. I always grew up with puppies and dogs but until you get a puppy of your own and have all the responsibility on either you and your partner. I found I did learn lots about growing up with dogs however, its totally different once you are responsible for your fur baby! Anyways lets get talking about the things I’ve learned since having Maya with my boyfriend.

  1. Always be consistent with your training.  
  2. Basic commands you can and should start on your own at home right away are “come,” “sit,” “stay,” “drop it,” “leave it.” You can YouTube these commands if you need help with them before you start with your trainer.
  3. Most importantly, you want to train your dog to be calm in the house. Reward calm behaviour, not hyper behaviour. 
  4. Crate training is the most effective tool to help you with housebreaking. It will also protect your puppy from swallowing something they should not while keeping your household items from being destroyed.
  5. Teach your pup to potty on command. Use a command such as “go potty” or “get busy” every time they eliminate outside and be sure to praise them with high value treats.
  6. If you live in a condo/apartment it might be best to potty train your puppy on pee pads on even on the balcony on some grass pee pads. This helps as its not always convenient and possible to get your puppy outside in time for potty breaks. Simply as puppies go a lot throughout the day.
  7. Baby gates will help you introduce your puppy slowly to other areas of your house.
  8. Have a go-to toy nearby to redirect them when they chew on items in the house they are not supposed to.
  9. If your puppy goes after baseboards or other similar no no’s, use bitter apple spray. 
  10. A tired dog is a happy dog. But also keep in mind puppies such sleep and nap as often as the can as they are just babies after all!
  11. For your dog walking, I love the easy walk harnesses because the leash clips in the front and discourages them from pulling.
  12. Get your dog used to wearing a leash and collar early. Let them wear it around the house and don’t forget to discourage chewing. Replace leash biting or chewing with a fun toy for them.  
  13. It is important to socialize your puppy as much as possible. This means introducing them to other dogs, all types of people of different ages, including babies and baby carriages, loud noises, busy streets and fast-moving objects such as skateboarders, bicycles, and cars. Try sitting on a bench to observe all of the motion going by.  Of course you need to be safe especially before your puppy is fully vaccinated as there are many risks for them.
  14. Touch your puppy’s paws, teeth, gums, and belly. It is important that they are ok with you touching them wherever you need to. 
  15. Lastly be patient, accidents will happen, puppies will be puppies. Just have fun when they are at this stage and be consistent with training and you will have a smart and happy puppy!

I hope some of these tips may help any of you who are getting a puppy! These are some of my most important things I’ve learned over the last few weeks! Remember your puppy is only small and a baby for a short time, enjoy it while it lasts and make these moments memorable!



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