Puppy Essentials

 Hey lovelies! Over the last few weeks, I gained a precious new member to the family! Her name is Maya and she’s a Golden Retriever, she has quickly became my love! I simply can’t imagine life without her! Anyways before I get all sappy lets talk some New Puppy Essentials item, that I recommend and have helped with welcoming Maya into my life!

1. Dog Toys

I recommend getting lots of different textured toys to help when your puppy starts teething/chewing. However, I think it’s especially important to get a plush toy to rub on litter mates and mama that way you can bring back the scent of your pup’s family back home with you.

2. Dog Crate

I have crate trained my puppy since day one. If you’re bringing your puppy home by yourself it’s important to have something to contain your puppy.

3. No Chew Spray

Puppies like to bite and chew anything and everything. Bitter Apple Spray will help deter your pup’s nibbly behavior.

4. Leash

I personally got two leashes for my puppy and its been very helpful.

  • A short drag line which is a light weight 4 or 6 foot nylon leash 
  • A leather training leash

5. Puppy Blanket

I also recommend to take a blanket to rub on our puppy’s litter mates then we put the blanky in the crate so our puppy feels a little more comfortable his first few nights in his new home.

6. Puppy Food

I recommend to find out the puppy food the breeder or animal shelter has had the puppy on, this way you can slowly change their food, if you would like over time.

7. Dog Bowls

A simple stainless steel food and water bowl will do the trick.

8. Stain & Odor Remover

Guess what? Your puppy is going to have accidents in the house. Even if you stick to a strict potty training schedule there will always be a miscue. Never fear Rocco & Roxie makes a great stain & odor remover works amazing!

 Always use an enzymatic cleaner that will completely eliminate the smell of urine. Your dog’s sense of smell is thousands to millions of times better than yours so make sure you have a cleaner that does the job right like Rocco & Roxie.

9. Treats

When do you start training your puppy? The day you get your puppy! Whether or not you decide to train your puppy with treats it’s still important to have treats for your puppy.

10. Dog Brush/Comb

Depending on the breed you may need specialized brushes and combs to keep a well groomed coat. If not, your dog’s fur can get knotted in short time.

11. Puppy Shampoo

You don’t want to use harsh human products or even a dog shampoo might be too much for your puppy’s delicate skin.

12. Paper Towels

Within the first few days I used so much paper towel. Luckily there wasn’t any paper towel outage during this time! I than started to use a combination of rags and paper towels to keep things clean around the house.

13. Bedding

A word of warning: not all, but many puppies like to chew and destroy beds. So I recommend getting a cheaper bed until they get out of the puppy chewing stage.

14. Puppy Pee Pads

I know that potty training outside is not always an option. Especially if you’re living in a condo, its impossible to take your puppy outside all the time. Also make sure to be careful when taking your puppy out until they have all their vaccines. So in many situations puppy pee pads or the grass pee pads come in handy.

15. Poop Bags

Remember to always have something to scoop the poop when out in public.

16. Gate

Gates are a great way to keep you puppies confined to only certain rooms in your house.

17. Nail Trimmer

I recommend getting a nail trimmer and getting your puppy used to getting their nails done as early as possible, this way they get used to getting their nails done.

18. Dog Toothbrush & Paste

Good puppy and dog oral health is always super important so I got my puppy a tooth brush and some dog tooth paste to get her use to it. I recommend getting a toothpaste/toothbrush/fingerbrush combo pack for our pup.

19. Flea & Tick Meds

Make sure you talk to your vet before applying any flea/tick meds to your puppy.

20. Heartworm Meds

Heartworm can be a deadly disease. Make sure you talk to your vet about Heartworm prevention.

21. Harness

I got a harness for my puppy to get her use to walking on a leash as I personally don’t like using collars on puppies. I recommend to get a no-pull harness to help for puppies that like to pull on walks.

22. Clicker

When it comes to training on way to train a puppy and dog is by using a clicker with commands.

I hope these recommendations help out if you’re getting a new puppy or will be new puppy parent! These are a few things that have helped me with my new puppy!



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