Monday Hair Care Line || Review

Move aside hair care lines MONDAY is taking over with not only the cute packaging that will make any bathroom look fancy… MONDAY Hair Care is a luxury meets drugstore brand. From being SLS and paraben free (which means it’s colour-safe), animal cruelty free, and uses bottles made of sustainable materials. 

Also let’s take a second to appreciate the beautiful pink aesthetically pleasing packaging! Part of me wanted to buy it just for the bottle! The entire range gave me the feel of much pricier salon brands, while staying aligned with a drugstore budget.

The hair care line offers four different shampoos and conditioners that cater to different hair types: from straight to frizzy, oily to dry, etc. 

Let’s talk about my hair health before using the shampoo and conditioner to do a comparison. My hair type takes care of itself for the most part; it’s thick with natural waves. However I have more split ends than I would like to admit, firstly from the damage of getting it balayage over the years. With that being said I also haven’t been in the hair salon in over a year due to everything that’s been going on in the world. 

Since it’s been a very long time since getting me hair done, finding colour safe hair care products is very important to me. In order to try and keep my hair not turning brassy from the balayage ombré I try my best to be careful with what products I use in my hair. 

I always enjoy a pump bottle, and this pale pink set (made of recycled plastic) is by far the nicest-looking thing in my shower. The shampoo dispenses as a pearly, thick gel, while the conditioner is a white cream. Despite how long my hair has gotten, I only needed a small dollop of each one to coat every single strand. The shampoos lather quite beautifully from the first wash. I’ve never used a shampoo that can properly wash my hair the first time. This is why I have to wash my hair twice – the first wash to rinse the oils out and the second wash to cleanse the hair. 

I especially love how nourishing the shampoo feels and how easy it is to work it through my hair. The conditioner is similarly impressive, and both rinse out easily, without leaving any slick residue behind.

Monday Haircare Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner now have a permanent spot in my bathroom, and I can’t wait to see what else the brand comes up with. If you’re looking for your next shampoo/conditioner pairing, shop Monday’s. 

*Thank you to MONDAY for this collaboration and gifting me the moisturizer to try out!*



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