Spring Break is Finally Here!!

Spring Break is here and is almost here for some of you, depending where you live and so on!! Anyways Spring Break is supposed to be a fun and be wild time, especially if you’re a college or university student.


Many of you might be on some fun trips now or will be. However, sometimes a trip isn’t always in the budget, especially if you want to be smart with your student loan. Some of you might just enjoy a week back at home, to hangout with your home town friends and family. Whatever the case may be I created a Spring Break video that is geared towards a Staycation!!

My Video ALL ABOUT THINGS TO DO THIS SPRING BREAK!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI6prBlH-YY

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Spring Break

In my video I show some ideas you can do during Spring Break!!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know what your plans are?! ☀️🌷


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